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You might have been separated, but you are not alone...


Pareidolia: Going Home is a puzzle platformer where you are being hunted. Take on the role of an excavation robot lost in the uncharted caves deep in the earth. Being separated from your team after falling through a schism, you must venture into the darkness alone with nothing but your battery powered work light to illuminate the way.


Submission to the 2019 GMTK Game Jam


ONESHOT is a roguelike where you are completely incompetent with every weapon imaginable.  Find weapons, chuck them at your foes, and get to the exit.  Each run randomizes all drops.   Become proficient in the art of wasted potential and use a sword as a throwing spear and tossing guns away like candy wrap.

Can you make it to the end?  (you probably could, it’s only 2 rooms for the game jam)


The Eater of Worlds
has returned


A metroidvania action-adventure platformer about a little witch saving his friends from sentient pumpkin beings with an insidious plot involving the witches’ greatest kept secret, the Philosopher’s Stone.

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